I have a confession to make. I think my love for Halloween decorations has surpassed my everlasting love for holiday decorations. Let me explain.

There was something in the water this year because it seemed like everyone went above and beyond with Halloween decorations. That effort used to be reserved for the months of November and December, but the love of holiday décor has spilled over into October, and I’m totally here for it.

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In my little slice of the world, on a quiet street in Warwick, Rhode Island, humble homes have been overrun by blow-up monsters, makeshift graveyards, flying witches, and ten-foot skeletons, and every single one of these Halloween scenes brings me joy.

There is something so enchanting about the purple and orange lights hanging from people's homes, and there’s a childlike happiness that takes over whenever I see a house that has created an interactive Halloween scene, inviting neighbors to come and see, if they dare.

Of course, holiday decorations are timeless, beautiful, and harp on feelings of nostalgia, but there is something new and exciting about this surge of Halloween décor.

But why this sudden surge of Halloween delight? Maybe it gives people a pleasant distraction to an otherwise chaotic world, or maybe two months of holiday lights are just simply not enough.

Whatever the reason may be, I am going to miss the scary-cool Halloween displays that have taken over the neighborhoods. Soon, the spooky scenes will be replaced with twinkling holiday lights, and I’ll welcome those just the same.

But after this year, I have a new, special place in my heart for the newfound love of Halloween.

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