If you're a fan of Gwyneth's Goop brand and want to see it in real life and not just online, you're in luck.

I found out that a Goop pop-up location was coming to the area in an article on Boston.com. I love everything about Goop because it targets women and all of our issues, needs and wants. Although typically out of my price range, I'll go through the GoopShop to find new styles in clothing that I like. I then try to piece together and mimic the outfit with items from my own closet from the ideas I got from Goop. It's not just clothing, though; the site showcases stuff in all things beauty, food, style, travel, wellness and work.

The Nantucket pop-up store’s designers, Jessica Wilpon Kamel and Christina Akiskalou, say, “We wanted to showcase Goop’s beautiful curation of products in a space that embraced the traditional charm of Nantucket."

Wilpon Kamel says, "Nantucket has a rich history of design, and we wanted to honor that heritage while also bringing our own design sensibilities to the space.”

The Goop MRKT on Nantucket will be open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at its 22 Centre Street location through Sept. 24. This means we have all summer to get our butts over onto the island for a look-see and maybe some shopping, too. 🙋🏼👜

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