It seems like one day I was buying greeting cards at a normal, expected price...then all of a sudden, BAM! $6 bucks!Six dollars, sometimes more, for a piece of paper with nice words and a pretty picture on it. Seems a little ridiculous to me. Especially because I know most of these cards end up in the trash! What a waste!

I actually keep cards, most of them, but I can't keep all of them! If I did, we'd have a hoarding situation on our hands! I do keep the meaningful ones, the ones from my parents and the ones from my husband. I don't think most people keep that many cards there's a pretty good chance my $6 card is being read, looked over once and then tossed aside and eventually tossed in the trash.

I was thinking about this yesterday as I was buying my Mother's Day cards (last minute, I know). Every one I picked up, $6 dollars! It's just ridiculous! I remember when they were around $3.49 and I thought, ok, that's a fair price. It's not even the money, I have six bucks on me, so it's not's the principle of the matter! I'm basically throwing my money into the toilet when I buy cards.

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