How A Teen Celebrity Spends A Million Dollars
Ariel Winter of Modern Family fame is not your typical teenager. Probably because she's made over $1.5 million in the last 18 months. But even though she's got more money than most teens, she can still spend like a regular kid.
Back To School Shopping Is Big Business
I know it's only late-July and you may not want to start thinking about back to school just yet (or at least your kids don't!), but the stores are striking up the deals already in hopes of getting your spending dollars this back to school season. And it's no wonder why!
Private Plane?
Before I say anything on this, I want to state that I would be writing this regardless of any political affiliation. I'm an independent thinking, smart American and also the estimated population of the United States is 316,436,465 and If you break that down, each citizen is $52,923.56 in debt.