While we are all doing the responsible thing and staying home or working from home, there are our first responders that are working extra long days to take care of those who have fallen victim to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Over the last few days, we have been noticing a hashtag that bolsters an easy way you can show your support. The hashtag is #SouthcoastFrontLines, where SouthCoast homes are lighting up their front porches with red. Whether it's changing porch lights to red bulbs or putting up a Southcoast Health red flag, it's a subtle yet impactful way these people are showing they support those that are helping keep us safe and healthy.

It's truly an amazing idea and something we can all take part in to show our support. I would love to keep this hashtag going and get even more of your pictures. If you have gone red for our SouthCoast front line workers, get on social media, post your red and use the hashtag #SouthCoastFrontLines.

If you are related to or know someone who is working in our hospitals right now, show them some love.

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