Bringing sick children's dreams to life is what Make-A-Wish does, and this little girl got an awesome trip to Hawaii with a twist.

6 year-old Addison has been battling lymphoid leukemia, when Make-A-Wish brought her and her family to Honolulu. However, they weren't brought to the tropical vacation hot spot for just any reason. According to Addison, unicorns live in the beautiful rain forests of Hawaii, so Make-A-Wish took her for a unicorn search.

The quest for the magical creature was complete with a prince as their guide, with the people at Waimea Valley Park helping along. After a little while, Addison finally stumbled upon the majestic pink unicorn, where the two got to spend some quality time together.

The best part of the story is her leukemia is now in remission so Addison can live happily ever after. Check out the video below:

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