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If you're reading this, then chances are you were intrigued by another's man's advice on how to grow bigger, stronger and well-groomed facial hair.

"No-Shave November" is just around the corner and I've already begun prepping my beard for the long haul it's about to face – pun intended – see what I did there?

Over the years, I've had my beard shaped, cut, and styled by my barber, Michelle "Meesh" Antunes. Anyone who follows me knows that I'm loyal and have been for years when it comes to who is cutting my hair. It's a creed I like to live by.

She's cut, faded and groomed some pretty high-end guys in her career so it's safe to say that I trust her when it comes to her knowledge on beards.

"There are many benefits with growing a beard or taming a beard," Antunes told me. "For starters, beard wash acts as a great shampoo for your facial hair (I use Maestro's Beard Wash, myself). Comb and blow dry it out so that once it's dry or even once you start your day in the morning, throw some beard butter in."

The wash and butter combo helps men that usually get irritated when growing a beard. The wash eliminates dryness and helps condition the beard to bring it back to life while the butter tames and keeps your facial hair in place throughout the day.

If you’re more of a beard oil guy, you can use that instead of the butter, but I find that the butter is a little less greasy and lasts longer. To add a little more hydration, I've paired the beard wash with some Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean conditioner for a little extra shine and softness.

Good luck, gentlemen, and remember that No-Shave November is weeks away, so participate accordingly.

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