Any guy will tell you that having a beard is a proud attribute to have. It takes patience and it takes time, but if done correctly, it will complement your face in the best way.

I should know, I have one of my own.

If you've following along to my "Best Beard at the Bar" series, then you've already been acquainted to the way this works. I go around living my best life, grabbing a pint or two with some of the best buds a guy can ask for, and I feverishly look for the mightiest, bushiest, and most well-tamed beard in the room. It's simple, but it's the most uplifting experience when someone noticed the hard work you've put into your facial hair.

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Over the weekend I stopped into a quaint little bar in downtown New Bedford called Cultivator Shoals. Once inside, my internal "beardar" detector started going crazy. That's when I met Scott DaLuz.

Born and raised here in New Bedford, 38-year-old DaLuz is a graduate from Johnson & Wales University and spends his days installing solar panels and taking photos in his spare time. When DaLuz isn't taking care of the chin grizzle, his love for photography keeps him busy. He's a simple man who enjoys an ice cold beer on a Friday night with good company and I couldn't relate more.

Da Luz has been dubbed the "Best Beard at the Bar" for February where he gets to hold the reign and title for a solid 28 days (but since he gets a shorter month, we'll call it an even 30).

He claims his success for having a strong beard comes from three key factors: wash it, condition it and love it.

On that note, congratulations, Mr. Da Luz, your forbearance through the scratchy stages and awkward cheek patches has paid off. Now flaunt that beard and flaunt it proudly. You've earned it.

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