There's nothing like being told you're "too heavy" to ride a horse to really boost your self-esteem. -__-

Let me first explain that each year or every other year my parents, brother and I take a family vacation somewhere around the world. Whether it's the Azores, Europe (including the Mediterranean) or even somewhere within the United States, it's always a "National Lampoon" trip to remember for a lifetime and a great way to spend some time together.

This year we decided to head up north to British Columbia to really take in the beauty of Canada's vast mountainous terrain and breathtaking nature. While visiting we plan on booking numerous adventures and excursions to make the trip fun and interesting. From zip-lining to ATV tours, kayaking the glaciers to hiking, the trip was stacked, but there was one activity we ran into a problem with.... horseback riding.

Unfortunately, we discovered that there was a weight limit to ride the horses (in Canada at least), and I am too heavy to participate in the ride.The company is called BANFF Adventures out of Alberta, Canada and NO ONE over the weight of 250 pounds can ride the horses or sign up for the tour. This is an outrage!


 Now, I get it... I'm a big guy, but I know I'm not the only person in the world who has ran into this problem. I'm currently around 275 lbs, but don't forget that I'm also 6'4". I mean, come on! Can't they accommodate me with a Clydesdale or something? Yes, I feel for the horse, but because of my love for food and all things that keep me husky, my family has to miss out on an amazing excursion that's most likely a once in a lifetime experience.

I suppose I could lose 25 pounds before September if I really wanted to, but to me, it's simply not enough motivation to make that big of a change to my current lifestyle.

You may have won this time Canada, but I'm not giving up just yet.


A disgruntled over-weight American

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