It is Election Day here in the United States. A day in which citizens of America exercise their freedoms and choose the leaders of the greatest country that's ever existed on the face of the earth. Many people study up and do research about the politicians we are electing. Some research the important ballot questions that will appear. And then, there are people like Gazelle.

We love this guy, but Gazelle doesn't know very much about politics. When I say he doesn't know much about politics, what I really mean is that he doesn't know anything about politics. Don't believe me? We had a listener try to guess how Gazelle would do with an Election Day pop quiz.

We were live from Family Ties in Tiverton this morning, so we just chose someone from the audience. We asked her to guess whether or not Gazelle would know the answer to the following questions:

1) Who is Jay Gonzalez?

2) One of the Massachusetts U.S. Senators is running for re-election today against Geoff Diehl. Who is she?

3) Who is Charlie Baker?

4) What will happen if there is a blue wave?

You can play along at home. Watch the video and see if you think Gazelle would know the answers.

Also, you can show this to someone in your life who isn't into politics to see how they'd do on our pop quiz. See if they can beat Gazelle with their political knowledge.


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