A new study about babies and peanuts may completely change what your pediatrician suggests to avoid food allergies.   

According to Clevelandclinic.com, the study published in New England Medical Journal followed 640 babies between the ages of 4 months and 11 months that were at high risk of having a peanut allergy.

Researchers separated the children into one group ate peanuts (three times a week) and another group that avoided peanuts until they were 5 years-old.

Incredibly, the group that ate the peanuts was 80 percent less likely to get a peanut allergy. Dr. Richard Besser from ABC News explains:

So what should you do if your child already has food allergies? The doctor suggests you get a skin test before you introduce peanuts.

(Contributions made by Jon Faria, Fun Morning Show staff)

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