Everyone is talking about Powerball today,but how much do you know about hitting it big? Here's some fun facts about this massive jackpot and what winning it means.

  • As of noon today, Powerball sales in Massachusetts alone was $6,860 per minute
  • The $700 million plus jackpot is the second largest in U.S. history. (The largest was a $1,586,400,000 jackpot that was split three ways in January 2016.)
  • Your chance of winning this massive amount of money is 1 in 292 million.
  • The cash option for a jackpot this large (which most people take) would be $443.3 million.
  • Winners are advised to hire an expert to help guide them on how to spend their new dough intelligently. The first piece of advise is typically to set up a trust for the cash,so it is protected no matter what happens to you.
  • Most lottery winners lose most, if not all, of their lottery winnings.
  • The Federal government will take 20% of your jackpot for taxes, winning in Massachusetts means another 5% goes to state taxes.

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