The Powerball jackpot is the second highest in U.S. History and you could be a big winner tonight! So what are the best numbers to play if you really want to win?

With the Powerball over $700 million, it's the perfect day to dream of what you'd buy with that kind of money. But as they say, you've got to play to here are what the experts say are the best numbers.

Apparently, the most frequently drawn number for Powerball is 20.  It is often followed with 37, 2, 21 and 35.  Another popular white ball is 42 and it is often followed by 16, 35, 26 and 19.

Why? Who knows, but if it improves your odds...go for it, right?

However if you have numbers that you always play, stick with those.

Number picking experts say once you've chosen numbers, you should always play the same time goes on, it improves your chance of winning.

If you've never chosen numbers and want to start, here's what you need to have for Powerball. Choose 5 numbers between one and 69 for the white balls. Then ONE red ball, the Powerball, which must be between one and 29.

Good luck in scoring a life changing jackpot!

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