New Bedford Woman Wrecks Tire, Hit a Pothole Already Reported
New Bedford - MA
Gina Andrade had an incident today where she hit a pothole that was reported WEEKS ago! She wasn't nearly the only person to hit the pothole, 3 other cars had damage after her incident (via the New Bedford Guide).
Isn't this why we pay taxes...
Are Wareham Tax Rates Staying Put?
Wareham - MA
Despite some lawmakers wanting to use a split rate tax system in Wareham (meaning business owners get charged a different rate than residential home owners), the town will stick with the uniform rate The Standard Times reports, "The Board of Selectmen voted 4-0 to OK Nichols&Clo…
Fun Facts About The Lottery
Everyone is talking about Powerball today,but how much do you know about hitting it big? Here's some fun facts about this massive jackpot and what winning it means.
An 'Adulting' Class Isn't Such a Bad Idea
I'll be 25 this May. While I consider myself a very mature, hard-working individual, there are still a few things I could improve on. Here are a few questions I've been asking Google:

How to fold a fitted sheet
Can I claim myself as a dependent
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