It's the last thing you want to be reminded of going into the weekend, but it's also the last weekend you have to get your taxes done.

Months ago, the government gave us a three-month extension. It seems like forever ago but the time has finally come.

Most of us filed our taxes so we could get our refund as quickly as possible. I know I did and I'm pretty sure that money is long gone by now.

Now, those of you that procrastinated only have a few more days to get them in. It's going to be a rainy Saturday, so you have no excuses.

Since 1955, Tax Day has always been on April 15. It took a pandemic to give us an extra three months to finally pay Uncle Sam. The official Tax Day this year is July 15, which is this Wednesday.

That means if you mail your taxes, you need to make sure they are postmarked the 15. If you e-file then your taxes will have to have been transmitted and e-signed by 11:59 p.m. on the 15. You can still file for an extension that will give you until October 15.

For most people that have waited until now to get your taxes filed, it's because you know you owe money. I completely understand. This extension has only delayed the inevitable but have a glass of wine, throw on your pajamas and get to filing before Uncle Sam comes knocking.

Did you file your taxes yet?

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