This morning on Michael and Maddie, I announced something kind of exciting.

I've been working in this industry for more than 25 years. Never in my career have I ever been handed a blank check and told to "grow this thing."

As I mentioned on the show this morning, the pandemic has caused some businesses to boom, and others have had to take a lump. We are so grateful that Fun 107 has somehow managed to have the biggest year in the history of our existence.

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Listen to Michael Announce Fun 107 Casting Call

More people are on their phones and computers looking at our stuff on than ever before. It has grown our audience and our reach in such a significant way that our parent company has asked us to grow the brand and create even more local content.

Who We're Looking to Hire

This means we are eagerly searching for creative people here on the SouthCoast. Who are your favorite SouthCoast TikTokers? Instagrammers? Podcasters? We want to talk with them.

We're looking for creative writers, news reporters, even Fun 107 on-air staff. Fun 107 is growing, and we want to hire as many bright and creative people as we can. We are creating new jobs.

Our Open Casting Call is happening now, and we are looking for people to send us their material. Whatever it is that you do, send us a sample. You can email it to

I can't wait to see what the SouthCoast comes up with, and I can't wait to welcome new people into our Fun 107 family.

Please share this with anyone that you think might be a good fit.

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