If you want a job that is a little more low-key, then how about a summer away from stress on Salem's Bakers Island? The Bakers Island Light Station is looking for a couple to live and work at the historic lighthouse for the 2023 summer season and there's still time to apply.

It sounds like a lovely way to spend your summer, though you wouldn't be collecting a paycheck for the months you'd spend on the island. The position is a volunteer gig for a pair of keepers, but I'm willing to bet they get plenty of applicants.

Honestly, the idea of living the entire summer on the semi-remote island in Massachusetts Bay sounds amazing. Most people actually pay to stay out at this lighthouse and you could spend May through September out there for free. It seems like a win.

Typically the Essex National Heritage Area charges $950 for a two-night stay at the rustic Assistant Keeper's House, but as the volunteer keeper, you would get the chance to live in the bigger of the two residences at the light station for free. Fair trade.

There are a few requirements for the post, however. Caretakers will need handyman skills as well as ocean boating capabilities and be willing to do some real hands-on work. Lighthouse keepers are asked to perform caretaking duties such as mowing, trail upkeep, property maintenance, simple carpentry and painting. Plus there are hospitality duties such as greeting day-time visitors and managing weekend overnight visitors and campers.

If you are a seafaring people-person who is good with their hands and likes the idea of living on a semi-remote island for about four months without being paid, then get yourself (and your significant other) signed up for a summer on Salem's Bakers Island.

This unique job opportunity can be applied for by couples only online or you can always volunteer for a single day each Wednesday through Sept. 16 on the Essex Heritage website.

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