What a great idea for our SouthCoast elementary, middle and high schools.

There's a public school system in Indiana teaming up with a local food rescue program to make sure that cafeteria lunch leftovers don't get wasted and instead, they get packed up and go home with kids who might not have enough to eat on the weekends.

I came across this blog on one of my go-to pages, scarymommy.com, and immediately thought what probably so many other moms thought to themselves: this would be such a good idea for the schools in my community to start doing.

The Elkhart Community Schools in Indiana and the nonprofit organization Cultivate have created this pilot program that will send weekend meals home with a small group of students at the Woodland Elementary School.

I can totally see our city schools in Fall River and New Bedford teaming up with a nonprofit to get this program up and running. I think it would be beyond helpful for so many families and kids here on the SouthCoast. With the help of each of the schools' Food and Nutrition Services department, this could change lives.

So who's first? Normandin Middle School, Kuss in Fall River or Hayden McFadden Elementary in New Bedford?

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