I remember when I was at New Bedford High School, I had reduced lunch. It was crazy how your classmates knew how well your family was doing financially by whether you got free or reduced lunch.

Well, pending a School Committee vote that's happening on June 10, Fall River schoolchildren may no longer have to worry about that. If it passes, starting next year, every student would get free lunch.

I believe the pizza squares and the nuggets were always my go-to choices. I hear the options have gotten a little better since then.

According to the Herald News, a grant was awarded to make this possible. Is it true that currently, breakfast is free around the country at public schools? If so, lunch should be next. I'm just concerned that the healthy choices will suffer and options will dwindle.

All in all, I'm glad this is happening. Too often, I had to worry about how I was paying for lunch in school. I would only get $10 for the week and would blow it on ice cream and chips. Oh, come on, I know I'm not alone here. Or when the snack basket would come around and everything was 25 cents and I couldn't help but get the Fudge Rounds or the yummy Nutter Butters. Great, now I'm craving them.

Regardless, I hope Fall River passes this free lunch for the students.

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