He once played the bad boy on Full House, 7th Heaven and 10 Things I Hate About You, but now religious leader is how this former actor would describe himself.

Andrew Keegan was definitely crush worthy to me growing up, but now some are saying he's started something that may be cult worthy.

As Vice.com reports, Keegan started his own religion called Full Circle about three years ago and now practices what he describes as "advanced spiritualism" or "the highest spiritualism founded on universal knowledge" out of a defunct church building in Venice Beach, CA.

David Livingston/Getty Images

So why a religion? Keegan says it all started back in 2011 when he and two friends were attacked on Venice Beach by Keegan says were gang members. He had to go to the hospital for stitches and told a Vice reporter that "The significance of this occurrence is that it happened at the same time the tsunami hit Japan." He took what some might call a coincidence to mean he had a "true calling" to acknowledge and his Full Circle religion was born.

From the vice.com article, all his church seems to do is listen to indie music and hold meditation ceremonies where they use water crystals and focus on world issues with the intent of using their energies to end conflicts.

And really who am I to say that's not a religion?

People can definitely practice whatever religion they would like and Keegan doesn't seem to be hurting anyone, still some are concerned that Full Circle is a bit of a cult.

All I can think of when I read this story is where Keegan would fall on Barney Stinson's hot/crazy scale...