Peace In, World Out!
Our Lady's Chapel In New Bedford is an escape, with everything going on in today's chaotic world, always remember the doors are open and ready to welcome you!
Located next to the New Bedford Police Station, across from New Bedford's Free Public Library, and downtown fro…
Dogs and Cats At Church? It Happened!
A Dachshund and black cat were present at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church today to represent inclusion and to be a part of the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi.
According to The Standard Times, "people carried or guided their furry friends for a morning…
Church Turned Home
This church turned single family home has 5 bedrooms, 5 and 1/2 bathrooms, an elevator with 0.23 acres of land.  Asking price is 850,000.00 and in my opinion, it's a STEAL!

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