Some people take an old church and turn it into a simple home, others take a centuries old Neo-Gothic domed house of worship and transform it into multiple luxury condos. The latter is exactly what happened to the former Newton Methodist Episcopal Church on Centre St in Newton, MA where the penthouse condo is now for sale.

From the outside this 515 Centre Street condo looks like it could be in the center of Italy, not Newton, Massachusetts. The copper-plated dome roof is actually part of the penthouse space that according to realtors Micéal & Conor Chamberlain with Historic Homes, Inc. is over 2,600 square feet.

And among all that square footage are three bedrooms, four marble bathrooms with jacuzzi tubs, granite kitchen countertops, Brazilian cherry wood floors throughout and stunning cruciform windows that bathe the whole place in natural light.

It's no wonder all this luxury comes with a $1.5 million asking price.

So yes, it would take a winning lottery ticket for me to ever seriously look at a place like this, but it is always nice to dream.

There is lots to dream about in this condo too. The rainfall showerhead in the black and white bathroom, the 6,000 square foot patio overlooking the city, a spiral staircase leading to a private mediation/yoga room and of course that super cool penthouse thing where your personal elevator lets out right into your home.

What's not to love? Keep scrolling to see all the luxury inside this epic Newton church-turned-condo.

Newton Church Turned Condos Boasts Beautiful Penthouse

Usually when a former church gets renovated into a home, it is just one person's living space. But the former Newton Methodist Episcopal Church on Centre St took the transformation to a whole new level.
This Neo-Gothic structure has been renovated into five luxury condos and the penthouse is currently on the market.
See the incredible views from inside and on top of this one time church.

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