Can somebody please tell me why people in New Bedford love leaving random mystery items on cars? This isn't the first or even the second time something strange has been placed on my windshield, although this time it happened to my fiancee.

I've had random things such as Pokemon plush toys, unsigned letters and tacos given to me by strangers (of course, I threw them out). I can now add fake flowers to that list.

On Nov. 7, my fiancee found a blue tissue paper rose sitting on her windshield. There was a note attached by a small piece of yarn that read "scan me for hope" beneath a QR code. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Praying that it wasn't a link to anything that would cyber-attack my phone, I took the chance and opened my camera to scan the flower. Thankfully, to our surprise, it was just a YouTube link to an account called The Gospel Rose. A deeper review revealed four subscribers and two videos uploaded in total.

Here's the video the scan shows you:

A 3:53 video on biblical facts and the road to redemption was the message left for my fiancee. I'm assuming it was placed on her car at random and that it wasn't the only car targeted for the outreach.

If you happen to find one of these roses on your vehicle, it's completely harmless. Someone out there is just trying to spread the message of God and their tactics are quite impressive if you ask me.

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