Imagine playing a full season of NFL football and not taking home a dime. That's Chris Long in 2017.

The former Patriots defensive lineman now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and has been basically playing football for nothing. He's getting paid, yes, but he's giving away all the money he makes this season. According to Newser, Chris Long has already given his first six game checks away to help education in his hometown and he's just getting started. Long says he's using his next 10 game checks to start the Pledge 10 for Tomorrow campaign.

"In my 10th year, I want to celebrate the awesome opportunity I've had to play football by giving back to the communities that have given me that gift," said Long

The campaign will fund organizations in Boston, St. Louis and Philadelphia. Long has played in those three cities which is why he's decided to allocate the funds there. The organizations Long wants to help are ones that support under privileged young people and provide them access to equal education opportunities.

Long is set to make $1,000,000 in 2017, all of which will be donated. Let's hope more athletes think to follow his lead.

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