The Town of Fairhaven is counting down to Thursday, November 30 at 3pm.  That's when the Salem Witches and the Fairhaven Blue Devils will be kicking off the Division 6 Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium.

We've already seen some local businesses showing support for the boys, and we're loving every minute of it.

We wanted to show our support here at Fun 107, but unfortunately, we don't have a marquee sign.  What we do have, though, is a huge radio station and an interactive app.  So here's what we thought would be fun.

We're inviting Blue Devil fans to record Big Blue Super Bowl Shoutouts to the team, using the Fun 107 app.  It really is simple to do.  Here's how to record one:

1.  Download the free Fun 107 app to your phone.

2.  Open the app, and hit the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

3.  Select "Submit Audio."

Take a minute to send in audio of you and your friends/family wishing the team good luck!  Give a shoutout to your favorite players, shoutout the offensive line, shoutout the coaches.  We could play your messages on the air and even include them in a Fairhaven football commercial we're making for the football team.

We want to thank Care Free Homes, Amp'd Up Electrical Service, Frontera Grill, Southcoast Health More Than Medicine, Palace Pizza and More, Bridge Street Mobil, Martin Driving School, and Onshore Mortgage, LLC for sponsoring this fun way to support the Super Bowl bound Blue Devils!

Go Big Blue!

P.S.  If you are a business owner who wants to join Care Free Homes, Palace Pizza and More, Southcoast Health, Amp'd Up Electric,  Frontera Grill, Martin Driving School, Bridge Street Mobil and Onshore Mortgage with their sponsorship of a Big Blue Shoutout, email

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