After starting one of the biggest days of their young lives in the Fun 107 studio, Justin Marques and Jayce Duarte (or Justin Mar-QUEZ and Jayce DOO-WART-TAY as sportsradio legend Andy Gresh hilariously called the duo on the webcast), joined the rest of their team at Fairhaven High School.

As Maddie noted, both star players were noticeably well spoken and poised on the air.  Maddie wouldn't let them go before making them do one of the new TikTok trends.  If the boys were late for school, we take full responsibility.  I can't dance and it took us 5 takes to finally get the TikTok right.

Listen to Duarte and Marques on Michael and Maddie

The energy in the Fairhaven studio carried over to an electric Thursday afternoon.  Crowds of blue and white dotted up and down Route 6, waiting in the chilly wind for a glimpse of the small town's newest local celebrities.

Did Anyone in Fairhaven Work Today?

Blue Devil Flu must have been running rampant on the SouthCoast as parents, friends of family of the players lined the streets as police, firefighters, and town trucks paved the way for the two luxury coach buses making the trek to Gillette Stadium.  Before the trip to Foxboro, however, the team made time to visit all of the middle and elementary schools both in Fairhaven and Acushnet.

We were just happy to be a small part of a historic day in Fairhaven sports.

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