It’s a pretty well-known fact that among other foods (eggs, mostly) mayonnaise just simply grosses me out. I’m not sure if it’s the consistency, the color, the taste or the ingredients but I had to find some other way to use mayonnaise in my house because even my mayo-loving boyfriend can’t polish off a tub of the stuff. The alternate uses to overspreading on sandwiches that I found are actually pretty great.

  1. Condition your mane – I may not like mayonnaise but I’m a CVS addict. So anything that could potentially stop me from breaking the bank in that store is a life-saver. Cover your hair with a thin layer of mayonnaise after thoroughly washing. Let it sit and “deep condition” for an hour before rinsing. Marvel at the body and shine your tresses got thanks to some leftover condiments.
  2. Soothe a sunburn – I always used the old vinegar trick to ease the sting of too-much sun but apparently mayo can provide the moisture and relief your charred skin is seeking post-burn.
  3. Stop the creak – Everyone has that one annoying door in their home that squeaks or gets stuck to the point that it drives you inexplicably nuts. Use a little mayonnaise on the hinges and say bye-bye to the creek and squeak and stickiness.
  4. Pamper yourself – Before giving yourself a fresh coat of paint on your nails, allow your fingertips to sit in some mayonnaise for five minutes. The nutrients in the mayo will strengthen your nails and restore cuticle health.
  5. Be your own handyman – Ugly water stains on a coffee table? Use a dab of mayo to basically wipe them away while returning shine to dull wooden furniture. Mayo is great for cracked wood too – allow mayo to fill the crack for a couple days before wiping away. The combination of mayonnaise and time will cause the wood to swell and virtually close the gaps.

If you try any of the mayonnaise tricks, let us know how you liked it and how they worked! I’m headed out to treat myself to a mayo-infused conditioning. Results to follow!

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