If the Internet is good for anything, it's do-it-yourself project ideas. 

One of the coolest ideas I've seen in a while is penny tiles.

Instead of tile or hardwood you can creatively remodel your house for just a few thousand pennies.

I've seen a few different finished projects with great designs of shapes and basic images that end up looking awesome if done right.

One floor penny story on LittleThings.com kind of brought the struggles of making such a project come to life.

You can see the project in progress above and the finished product below, but the first issue with making penny floor is getting 20,000 coins.


Imgur/ jake0111


Apparently, the bank wouldn't let the couple take all their pennies at once, so they had to grab a few boxes per week.

They used a construction-strength glue to set each coin into place, using the different shades and shininess to make the design. After they're all in place, they covered everything with a self-leveling epoxy to even out and protect the floor .

Floors aren't the only thing you can do this with either. Some people make designs on their counter-tops, tables, or anything else you want to spruce up.