Was everybody seriously that bored over the past few months that everyone across the entire SouthCoast decided to remodel their house?

Obviously, I know the answer to that question and I'm kicking myself in the shins that I didn't attack the interior design projects sooner.

Recently, I had hired Paul Chaisson Interior Design to come into the new house and just give the rundown on what needs to be bought and what needs to be improved or changed. One of the suggestions he gave was a specific color and length of curtains that, in my opinion, are going to looking quite smashing – people still say that, right? – once installed.

The only problem is, I can easily find the length, design and color, but not enough of the same curtain to go around the entire living room area.

I have four windows that need curtains and since most outlets and stores are selling curtains by the singles (meaning you need to buy two for just one window), it's almost impossible to get eight of the same.

If you asked me where I've gone, because I guarantee someone's going to put their two cents in, I can honestly say that I've been to the following stores as if it were a SouthCoast-Rhode Island tour de curtains:

  1. Burlington
  2. Kohls
  3. Amazon
  4. Lakeside Collection
  5. Christmas Tree Shop
  6. Home Goods
  7. Pottery Barn
  8. Macy's
  9. TJ Maxx
  10. Zulily
  11. Ocean State Job Lot
  12. Big Lots
  13. Bob's Furniture
  14. IKEA
  15. Boscov's
  16. Target
  17. Etsy
  18. Walmart
  19. Crate & Barrel
  20. Curtain Factory Outlet
  21. Lowe's
  22. Bed, Bath & Beyond
  23. At Home
  24. Pier 1 Imports
  25. Wayfair
  26. Savers
  27. Marshall's
  28. BJ's
  29. Big Value Outlet
  30. JC Penney

Hard to believe that out of 30 stores and sites, I couldn't find what I was looking for, but here we are.

All I'm asking is if you have any more ideas, please send me some info on what to do. These are curtains for goodness sake, who knew that it would be this difficult?

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