It's finally time to say Good-bye to Summer and embrace the Fall and what better way to introduce it into the year 2015 then with these five delicious meals that compliment the season.

Although there are many of options to choose from, I found that these five choices really defined the cool, crisp weather/sit around a fire/bundle up with a movie type of foods.

Warning: Try not to drool when reading these delicious, home-cooked specialties!

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    Ground Beef Chili

    The perfect comfort food to spice things up when the temperature goes down. Give me some Ground Beef Chili with melted Cheddar or Pepper-Jack cheese (depending on preference) with a hefty dollop of fresh sour cream and I'm in Heaven! Eat it as a soup or use it as a dip with tortilla chips for a delicious addition to any party or get-together,

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    Chicken Pot Pie

    There's almost a nostalgic aroma to a chicken pot pie whenever I smell it. To me, it reminds me of not only Grandma's cooking, but of the changing of the seasons. Chicken pot pie is an All-American classic of a dish. Between the lightly buttered, flaky crust and the fresh vegetable medley swimming in a sea of rich chicken broth gravy that is engulfed by large pieces of juicy shredded chunks of chicken.... This is definitely a top five favorite Fall meal!

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    Cranberry Cobbler

    I remember the first time I ever had Cranberry Cobbler was last fall when I was visiting a friend. He was burning the last of the summer compiled stack of wood when I noticed a large metal pan near the fire pit. As he glanced over and noticed I had a puzzled look on my face, he smiled and told me I was in for a treat. It was a brisk night as he placed the concealed pan over the fire pit. Immediately as the contents within began to heat up, I began to smell a sweet and comforting aroma that was overwhelming with such suspense! Finally when it was time to serve the mysterious food, I was blown away. It was the first time I have experienced any sort of cobbler and although there are many ways to cook it, I found that cooking it over a fire outdoors definitely brings out the Fall sensation with warm tart cranberries and a little bit of cool whip to top it off. Scrumptious!

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    Cinnamon Apple Crisp

    As far as Fall-time desserts are concerned, this is by far my favorite. While some prefer the apples to be cold, I'd rather it be warm so that the scoop of vanilla ice cream (which truly trumps the topping of all toppings with this desert) can melt over the cinnamon apple crisp. It does not matter what time of day it is or how warm or cold the outside temperature may be, cinnamon apple crisp is enjoyable at all times! For a little something extra, drizzle warm melted caramel over the entire dessert for those with a bit more a sweet tooth than others.

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    Pumpkin EVERYTHING

    There's absolutely no denying the fact that the Pumpkin is the king of all Fall foods. Whether it's a beverage or a meal, there's something about pumpkin that signifies and defines the true meaning of the season. It's delicious and sweet and the possibilities are endless when it comes to recipes and concoctions. From coffee to beers, to pies and soups, pumpkin is hands down the number one flavor of Fall and the final indication that Summer has come to an end. Enjoy!