Believe it or not, Friday was the very first day I've ever stepped into the legendary Ma's -- uh, I mean, Grandma's -- Donuts in New Bedford.

Now, I never lived during the '60s, but if I had, this is what I think I would have pictured the '60s to look like. The layout and fixtures at Grandma's Donuts, by design, are as if someone hit the pause button in 1962 and never let go. Believe me, I'm here for it.  It's one of the best features about Grandma's Donuts.

The place is like a living museum. Before I even entered the Acushnet Avenue donut shop, I noticed a Massachusetts State Lottery sticker slapped on one of the static glass doors. The promotional sticker was from the 1980s and it was meant to inform the public that they could play the lottery at Ma's Donuts.

It's funny. Seeing that sticker gave me a pang of nostalgia that hit me from the bottom of my feet to the back of my throat. I'm not exaggerating. I could actually feel the nostalgia in my body. Within an instant it brought me back to my grandmother's kitchen table in Malden, Massachusetts. She had a clear Massachusetts State Lottery sleeve that held tickets and cash that had yet to be wagered (and ultimately lost).

So, why was the logo for the lottery a big "G?"  If my memory serves me correctly, it was to promote "The Numbers Game."  It was just called "The Game" for short.

All these years later, it's interesting to see the similarities between the Apple logo and the Massachusetts State Lottery's '80s logo.  You can see there definitely seemed to be a design style from the era.

Michael Rock/TownsquareMedia/Etsy
Michael Rock/TownsquareMedia/Etsy

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