Gazelle still has no response to my diss track, but this Fun 107 fan sure does!

A couple weeks ago, Gazelle called me out for a rap battle. I gave him some time to throw the first lyrical haymaker, but he did nothing. I decided to take the bull by the horn and drop a diss track, which I called "Rap Lion."

Days have passed and still not a peep from Gazelle. It seems the rap beef ended before it could ever truly begin. Just as I was all set to put the battle behind me, I got a message on my Facebook page. It was a comment on my post about the "Rap Lion" diss. It was a link to a new track called "Lion Hunter."

I thought, "There it is! Gazelle's response!" Well, not exactly. It's not from Gazelle, but it's from a fan who apparently doesn't want to see Gazelle lose by default because he didn't respond. Check out the B Mo/Fun107 diss track called "Rap Hunter."

That got me thinking--maybe we can get more talented listeners in on the battle. Drop your best beat, write your best verse, and spit your best rhymes battling either myself or Gazelle. Email them to our Digital Managing Editor at and he will compile them all together. Just keep them clean in case we want to play them on the radio.

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