If you're ready for something different, something tasty, something that'll have you licking your fingers after each bite, then I found the perfect appetizer to soothe your soul.

I'm constantly on the hunt for that next new food item you can't find anywhere and I just hit the jackpot in Fall River. There's a quaint little place on William S. Canning Boulevard that's far from your average Chinese restaurant.

For all the crab rangoon lovers out there, this one's for you.

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Meet Dominic Chen, the owner of Mr. Chen Restaurant and the creator of some of the tastiest and most unorthodox Chinese cuisine with a twist. First, he was known for his Chinese-Portuguese fusion: cacoila eggrolls and spicy linguica fried rice, for example.

His latest take is on one of the most popular appetizers: crab rangoons.

Allow me to introduce to you to crab rangoon nachos, the perfect marriage of Chinese and Mexican classics.

Courtesy Dominic Chen of Mr. Chen Chinese Restaurant
Courtesy Dominic Chen of Mr. Chen Chinese Restaurant

Instead of fried tortillas, Chen uses crispy wonton wrappers as the base, layering with a perfect balance of fresh crab meat, creamy rangoon and a drizzle of duck sauce, topped off with scallion and sesame. The first batch wasn't up to Chen's standards so after trial and tribulation, he finally created a batch that's worthy of his distinctive menu.

"There was still some finesse needed to be done with the rangoon; the sauce was too thick," Chen said.

When a customer asked if they could substitute crab with chourico, he quickly replied, "Why the heck not?"

Just like that, chourico is now an option.

These mouth-watering nachos officially went on sale on May 11 and Chen says the orders have been nonstop. Each order is $13.95 and large enough to feed two people.

Courtesy Dominic Chen of Mr. Chen Chinese Restaurant
Courtesy Dominic Chen of Mr. Chen Chinese Restaurant

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