If you've ever dreamed of being berated with rudeness and horrible customer service, then you might want to give this Fall River restaurant a try.

Before I continue, this is not serious. Rather, it's all theatrics and fun.

Tipsy Toboggan has decided to take its service to the next level. For one night only, on April 25, customers will get a taste of Auntie Karen's Diner, a whole new format of customer service that's similar to the popular Dick's Last Resort, a place where people pay to have their waitress be mean and rude as they take orders throughout the night.

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It's a nod to the Karens of the world.

"My staff has been hounding me to host an event like this for a long time so we can have fun with our guests," owner Karl Pelletier said. "It's similar to Dick's Last Resort and the customers have to sign a waiver when they enter to be respectful to acting waitresses."

It's important to note that there will absolutely be no body shaming or discrimination. The idea is to get the guest involved in some good-natured ribbing.

"We have over 100 heads for the evening with limited spots available," Pelletier said. "It's going to be great and we're always trying things once to see how it goes in hopes to do it again."

In the past, Tipsy has incorporated drag dinners, drag brunches and even a popular Santa brunch for the kids. Auntie Karen's Diner is the latest entertainment addition.

Keep an eye out for 'dinner and a movie' night as well as some other fun ideas Tipsy has up its sleeve.

Oh, and if you end up at Tipsy April 25, watch for waitress Natalia Frattalone. She's not messing around and will take your order when she's ready and feels like it.

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