As much as I like cooking at home, I'd much rather go out to eat and have someone else prepare dinner.

Thankfully, the SouthCoast is home to a cornucopia of diverse cuisine, including some of the freshest seafood you'll find in the country. Also, on every block you walk in Fall River or New Bedford, you're likely to find yourself face-to-face with a Portuguese restaurant as authentic as the islands. Cape Verdean eateries seem to be on the rise, as well as foods from other parts of the world.

The toughest decision is deciding what you're in the mood to eat.

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One day, while I was enjoying a nice date night out with my fiancee at Frontera Grill in Fairhaven, I realized that the guacamole the restaurant makes in that little cart of theirs is unmatched. I'm always making guacamole, but it never tastes as good as the restaurant. Even the thickness and texture are better and I can't seem to figure out why.

I'm not sure who was the first to create the idea of a date night cooking class, but it's genius and should be implemented at most restaurants. I do not intend for the chefs to reveal their secrets, but for something like guacamole, I just want to know what I'm doing wrong.

I asked some friends what their favorite dishes were when they go out to eat and came up with 15 solid menu items for which I'd also love to know the recipes.

Check out the list below.

What's missing and what would you like to be able to make on your own at home? Hit me up at

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