Remember the drought of 2022 that created a less-than-impressive fall season? Well, experts are saying that this season will be the opposite.

Leaf Peepers are in for a treat this fall, with experts calling for bright and long-lasting foliage for an ideal fall season in New England.

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What Will 2023's Fall Season Look Like?

Jim Salge of Yankee Magazine published a detailed forecast for the 2023 fall season, and his predictions are very promising.

“This year’s incredibly wet and humid summer will definitely have an effect on the fall color,” he said.

Salge points to three “high-impact” days that will directly affect the color intensity and time period for New England’s foliage: The artic wind on February 4th, the blast of cold, dry air on May 18th that put New England into a deep freeze, and July 10th, when Vermont was taken over by flooding, washouts, and landslides.

With those days in mind, Salge is calling for an extended season of pastel-like colors.

"Color will be long-lasting, then fade and fall slowly," he added. "The best 2023 New England fall foliage areas are likely to be northern Maine as well as Down East and toward Acadia, and southern New England could have a good year as well."

Farmers Almanac Prediction of Fall 2023

The trusted Farmers Almanac seems to be in agreement, adding that New England will have cooler-than-average temperatures in September, warmer-than-average temperatures for October, and cooler-than-average temperatures for November, with a fairly dry season throughout.

According to Salge, those dry days will be the key to bright fall colors.

“Bright hues are brought out by warm, sunny days and crisp, cool nights – a combination that not only accelerates the breakdown of green chlorophyll but also initiates the formation of red color pigments that serve as a sort of ‘sunscreen’ for the leaves,” he said.

The Almanac pinpoints October 5th-21st for optimal leaf peeping in Massachusetts, and October 12th-28th by the coast.

For Rhode Island, the peak foliage season is predicted for October 12th-28th.

Now the only question left is, where are the best places on the SouthCoast to enjoy stunning fall foliage?

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