Fans of Fesitva Buffet in Fairhaven will have to get their fix somewhere else -- at least through January.

For many, a weekly stop at Festiva Buffet on Route 6 in Fairhaven is routine. However, some recent hopeful patrons were turned away when they found a note on the door.

The note read:

Happy New Year

We Will be closed

one month for

New Year.

We will reopen February.

We apologize for the inconvenience

We can absolutely respect that the hardworking staff at Festiva deserve some time off, but they could have warned us. Let's face it. Even with our New Year's resolutions, a stop by the buffet was inevitable this month.

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We reached out to Festiva for more information about the temporary closure, including what this might mean for any Seize the Deal certificates you purchased, and will let you know what we hear. We also reached out to the Fairhaven Board of Health and Fairhaven Select Board. Both offices said they had no information about the closure.

Festiva, located in the Ocean State Job Lot plaza, closed once before for a full year during the pandemic.

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