Imagine hitting big on Roulette and then partying with Gronk all in the same day? This happened to a local Fairhaven couple.... this is their story.

27 year old Fairhaven native Pat Claflin and his girlfriend planned a trip to Connecticut for the weekend of June 16th for a date night getaway. As they arrived Friday night, Pat decided to play a little blackjack and ended up winning some good money.

"We were excited about the bonus cash I won so in celebration we stayed overnight and planned on leaving the next morning." Pat tells me.

As Saturday morning comes, the couple packs the car in preparation to head home.

"It was still early so we decided to head back to the casino for a bit for a little more gambling before heading back home. Next thing you know, I hit big on the slots and roulette and just like that, we decided to stay another night!" Pat says with excitement.

Fast-forwarding to later that Saturday night, June 17th, 2017... Pat and his lady are getting ready in their hotel room, enjoying a pre-game cocktail or two. They were prepping for  night out at Shrine night club. Pat describes his attire:

"We arrive at the club entrance around 10:30 PM, I'm wearing a pair of nice dress shoes, some designer jeans and a Gronk t-shirt."

Due to certain rules pertaining to club attire, the couple was stopped at the door.

"We were denied entrance, because of my t-shirt. The bouncer was cool and told us to just grab a polo from the outlet down the hall to cover up the t-shirt, prep up a bit."

They return to the club and was granted access. Shortly later, about 20 minutes or so, Pat takes off his newly bought polo when he realizes that he was smack in the middle of Gronk's VIP party.

"We walked to the back where the DJ booth was and started dancing. That's the exact moment when I spotted Gronk." He says.

"A lot of people started noticing my shirt and next thing you know... one of Gronk's buddies comes over, tells me to tilt my head back alongside my girlfriend and began to pour premium champaign down our throats! It was awesome!"

Just when Pat and his girlfriend think the night was good, it got even better.

"About 20 minutes later, Gronk looks over and points to my shirt. We caught each other's eye and made a hand single to gesture a shot. That's when Gronk yelled 'Hell Yeah!' and made his way over."

The two had a shot together and took a photo with the local couple.

"I think the best part was the fact that he (Gronk) didn't give anyone else the time of day. He didn't take photos with anyone else but us."

After the photo, Gronk made his way to the DJ booth, Flo Rida showed up and the couple's night was made by far.

"It honestly was the perfect ending to the trip, this stuff only happens in movies." Pat said.

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