Nancy Hall Talks To 98 Degrees
The guys from 98 Degrees have a brand new Christmas album. Nancy Hall talks to them about that, coming to Foxwoods on their tour, their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, and so much more!
Saying Goodbye to Another Legend in 2016
Well, 2016 has certainly been a year of heartbreaking losses, and it couldn't end without taking one more famous name with it, and this one hits me particularly hard.
But this isn't yet another celebrity death--this loss was preventable...
Jennifer Lopez's Local Hook-Up
Jennifer Lopez said herself that she doesn't like to be alone and it seems she wasn't for very long. So where did she and her alleged new man get together this weekend?
Foxwoods Leaning Towards New Bedford
As Foxwoods continues to look for suitable places to break ground on a Massachusetts casino, it appears that New Bedford has jumped in front of Fall River, on their radar. New reports from claim that the Casino Resort and investment group Crossroads Massachusetts LLC found potent…

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