Looks like Olneyville New York System in Providence, Rhode Island, is up to more than just hot wieners these days.

On Wednesday, it will be the setting for an upcoming independent short film, and this is your shot to be an extra in the production.

Olneyville New York System Will Turn Into a Movie Set

Last week, Olneyville New York System shared the ultimate tease that they would be closed on Wednesday night for a film shoot “by a local production company/producer/director.”

It wasn’t until the next day that they revealed the project's title.

It’s called Mattress Express and it’s directed by Noah Morse, co-founder of Sogbots, an independent production company.

Movie Synopsis

“After the death of their mother, twin siblings Ben and Rosie attempt to steal and fence mattresses in order to prevent their house from foreclosure,” said Morse. “But when the robbery takes a turn, the twins are forced to reckon with the loss of their mother and the impact it’s had on their relationship.”

This film is inspired by Morse’s time growing up in Rhode Island and the “eccentric folks” he came across.

Looking for Extras

On Friday, Olneyville New York shared that Morse and his team are actively searching for background extras for the overnight filming taking place on Wednesday.

Email your age and headshot to pageebr@gmail.com and you may just find yourself one step closer to living out your Hollywood dreams.

Or, at the very least, you’ll be cutting your teeth in acting while enjoying Guy Fieri’s favorite meal in the country.

Cameras roll this Wednesday, so get your orders in early.

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