If a friend gives you scratch tickets for your birthday and you win big, are you obligated to give them half of your winnings?

Today is Michael's birthday so this morning on the show we were chatting about random birthday gifts that are fast and easy to buy for friends. Scratch tickets were one idea and it got me thinking.

I have received scratch tickets as a birthday gift from friends and even as stocking stuffers at Christmas from family.

Paul Chaisson/Facebook
Paul Chaisson/Facebook

So the big question is, what would I do if I won big on a scratch ticket? Would I give half of my winnings to the friend who bought me the ticket?

I may be stepping out on a limb here but my answer is going to be a hard no, I would not, I'm sorry.

My argument is this: I don't think I should be made to feel obligated to give anything, never mind half. I mean seriously, why do we live in such an "even-steven" world? I mean, I wouldn't expect it if roles were reversed.

Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely hook my friend up with something. Maybe an amazing girls-only spa weekend including a free-for-all shopping spree. And just say it was Michael or Gazelle who bought me the winning scratch ticket, I would hook them up with the vehicle of their choice. I'm a pretty good friend, right?

After thinking more about it and with all of that said, let's put it this way: if I won $10 million, I would give my friend a cool mil for sure. That's what friends are for, right?

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