Some people seem to walk around with a rabbit’s foot in their pocket and get struck with good luck consistently. I am not one of those people.

Needless to say, I’m a little jealous of this New Bedford resident who stumbled upon a winning scratch ticket. What’s more, she’s not the only lucky one in the bunch.

A woman named Judy took to Facebook to share her lucky moment, saying, “I’d like to thank the person who (left) a winning a scratch ticket, I really appreciate it.”

Some people just seem to be in the right place at the right time. My brain flooded with so many questions after seeing this. Why not me? was one of those questions. I scrolled through the dozens of commenters that were just as curious as me, and it turns out that the winning ticket was left on a shelf in a local store.

Judy did not disclose the amount of the winning scratch ticket, but since she stumbled upon it thanks to dumb luck, the amount doesn’t much matter at that point.

I was shocked to see other people share their stories of luck that they have experienced over the years.

Kaitlyn wrote, “I found a $100 winner scratch ticket on the ground one day when I was walking to board a bus. No one around to ask if they dropped it, so I just picked it up and cashed it.”

Jessica said she found one when she was a kid walking down the street with her mom. “I just had this gut instinct for this ticket I saw all the way across the street. Ran and grabbed it…it was worth $100. She made me split it with my sister," she recalled.

My takeaway from these moments of pure luck is to keep your eyes peeled. You never know when you’ll stumble across a discarded winner.

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