Many celebrities have dealt with addictions, most of them involving alcohol and drugs. In the case of Ellie Goulding, her addiction was to fitness.

Recently Goulding opened up about her addiction to the gym. She has turned to her husband as her rock to have a more balanced life and not obsess over having to hit the gym every day.

Ellie had this to say in a recent interview:

"I felt as though it was a ­survival instinct to be working out all the time, making sure I was super fit, super healthy and tried to counteract having drinks on tour and perhaps not eating very well," she said. "When you go to the gym or you work out, you release so many endorphins. It's such a good feeling that you just want to have that feeling over and over again."

Ellie has a better balance in her life now and has never skipped a studio session to make new music. Her new song features a somewhat familiar voice, Blackbear. His current hit "Hot Girl Bummer" can be heard on Fun 107.

Check our their song together in case you missed it:

What did you think? Another hit for Ellie? Did Blackbear bring it with his verse in this song? Is it wicked good or totally whack?

Vote now and help us decide if we should add it to the Fun 107 playlist.

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