One California elementary school made some big changes over the their bathrooms.

At Miraloma Elementary school in San Francisco, the school bathrooms are now gender free.

According to the school's principal, Sam Bass, a few parents told school officials their children were not gender specific so they decided to do something to make them more comfortable in class. As Bass told KGO ABC 7,

"We changed the signs, we changed the way we teach our students that we don't have boys and girls restrooms, we have restrooms."

The San Francisco station also points out that the White House has a gender neutral bathroom as do many schools and universities across the country. Miraloma Elementary just has the distinction of being the only school with all gender neutral bathrooms.

The bathrooms by the way were converted from a two stall restroom, to a one person bathroom when the gender neutral change was made. Making all the bathrooms more like the ones at students homes and making every child comfortable to use them.

Do you think more schools should create gender neutral restrooms?



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