Getting your child's education off to a good start typically happens in elementary school. The SouthCoast has over 60 elementary schools.

That leaves parents with a lot to think about when it comes to home-buying and, ultimately, school districts. Where you live usually equals where you go to school, so for homebuyers with kids, certain areas are better than others.

I really wish I had thought more about school districts when buying my current home. I love the house and the area, but the schools closest to us aren't the best in our city and are far from being the best in the state. This left me really feeling like I shortchanged my kids.

Perhaps you are a more thoughtful parent than me who is looking to make a move in the near future or hoping to get into a better school district for your little ones. If so, this is a list for you.

Education resource says it has done the research, talked to the students and ranked the schools in every district in America. It takes into consideration academics, teachers and diversity while also breaking down teacher-to-student ratios, test scores and total school population.

With all of that in mind, they rank every school out there and help parents see how their schools stack up to others around them as well as in neighboring towns -- a fantastic resource for anyone laser-focused on getting their child the best education they can.

As I said it all typically starts in elementary school, so keep scrolling to see how our SouthCoast schools are ranked.

Top 25 Elementary Schools on the SouthCoast has crunched the numbers and come up with the best schools in every state from K-12. Here on the SouthCoast nearly 60 elementary schools were ranked based on academics, teachers and diversity.

Here's the best the area has to offer according to this site's results.

SouthCoast Teacher Salaries From Lowest to Highest

According to the most recent reports of teacher salaries across Massachusetts (for the year 2019-2020), several SouthCoast school district are among those that pay the best. So how much are the teachers in your school district averaging?

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