First they talked about dropping 'Donuts" from their name and now Dunkin is literally eliminating donuts.

Seems your donut selection at Dunkin could be changing by the end of October.

According to Nation's Restaurant News, Dunkin Donuts will continue to simplify their menu by reducing the number of donuts they offer. spoke with the brand’s president of U.S. and Canada, David Hoffmann, who called the donut reduction a part of the company's plan to get their “doughnut mojo back.”

The plan is to scale back the now 30 flavors of donuts down to 18, though which flavors will be eliminated has yet to be released. says only 1,000 test stores nationwide will cut back their donut selection by the end of October and the company will evaluate the results to determine whether or not to roll the new donut menu out nationwide.

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