I don't know about all of America, but New England certainly runs on Dunkin. And now the company is scaling its menu back in Bristol County as well as Providence locations.

As of August 7th, Dunkin will no longer offer the following items at Providence locations:
- afternoon sandwiches: turkey, chicken, tuna salad, chicken salad, steak, biscuit, cheddar cheese, flatbread, ciabiatta, Texas toast, all sauce varieties
- muffins: honey bran raisin and reduced-fat blueberry
- bagels: garlic, blueberry, onion, salt, poppyseed & sour cream and onion, and whole wheat
- drinks that include flavor shots, (caramel and peach), and smoothies
- pastries: danish, cookies, brownies, and “bagel twists”
- cream cheese: reduced fat plain, chive and onion

According to the Boston Globe, "Dunkin’ Donuts is looking to have simplified menus at 1,000 locations" by the end of October. The purpose is to “enhance speed of service and in-store operations.”

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