I've had my fair share of coffee flavors and brands in my life, but none of them has a hold on me the way the new Nitro Coffee at Dunkin' does.

While attending a grand opening event that kicked off the new Next Gen Dunkin' off of Braley Road in New Bedford, I instantly fell in love with the new "coffee tap" system. However, one of the taps caught my eye and was instantly intrigued; it was labeled "NITRO" and it was calling to me.

Dunkin' describes this coffee as:

"Cold Brew Coffee, infused with nitrogen for a bold taste with a smooth and creamy texture." -Dunkin'

Now, not to get off subject, but one of my top three favorite beers in the world is a Guinness. Ok, great, so what's the point? Well, since Guinness is one of the smoothest beers on the market and is also infused with the nitrogen that creates a delicious finish, I feel it's safer to compare rather than contrast the two.

"I'll take a medium Nitro, please," I politely asked the Dunkin' cashier.

As she was pouring it, I noticed she didn't add any ice to the cup before pouring the coffee into it. I assumed that was how Dunkin' serves all their iced coffees, but I guess I was wrong. According to News.DunkinDonuts.com, the new bold Nitro cold brew has a very distinct and original flavor:

"Nitro Coffee is served almost like a beer, without ice, resulting in a beverage that delivers a creamy texture and frothy head for a unique, elevated coffee experience that can be both seen and tasted,” says Jess Anselmi, Senior Manager of Innovation at Dunkin' Donuts.

In conclusion, my final analysis to this caffeinated masterpiece is simple: Dunkin's Nitro iced coffee pours perfectly, tops off divinely, and goes down smoothly.

Cue the Tom Cruise Cocktail parody:

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