If you're a fan of Dunkin', you can now get Dunkin' donut-flavored yogurt that is made by Yoplait.

Dunkin' is creating new yogurt flavors inspired by some of their classic tastes: Boston Cream Donut, Apple Fritter, French Vanilla Latte and Cinnamon Coffee Roll.

But we thought: why stop there? We asked the Fun 107 audience what foods they'd like to see become flavored Yoplait yogurts, and they got pretty creative!

I kicked off the brainstorming by fantasizing about an Acushnet Creamey Coffee Chip yogurt. Tell me that wouldn't be bomb! One caller suggested a D'Angelos Steak and Cheese yogurt. Gazelle wants Sunrise Bakery Malasadas-flavored yogurts, and Abby would love to have a Chippi-flavored one.

What kind of flavors would you want?

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