Some time ago, I don't remember exactly when, I began sneaking out the back door of the radio station for a quick walk to clear my head before the start of my radio show. That's how I met Jen.

I didn't know anything about Jen or even her name. I only knew that she tried mighty hard to make my day better, and she succeeded. She still does.

I have since found out that Jen is Jen Pires. She is a crew member at the Fairhaven Dunkin' at 18 Plaza Way at the end of Alden Road, south of Route 6.

Originally from Fairhaven, Jen, now 42, lives in New Bedford with her boyfriend of 21 years. She has worked nearly 19 years for Dunkin' in Fairhaven, first on Alden Road and now on Plaza Way.

Fairhaven Dunkin' Crew Member Excels At Customer Service
Barry Richard/Townsquare Media

What makes Jen unique from many customer service employees is her approach to the job and the sincere way she seems to enjoy what she does. That is evident by her ever-present smile while tending to the needs of the steady stream of customers she encounters while behind the busy Dunkin' counter.

You can't fake that.

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Everyone has issues outside of the office. Everyone has bad days. The key to being successful in customer service is to leave all of that in the employee break room before punching in for your shift. Jen gets it.

What sets Jen apart is her attention to each customer. Jen's awareness lets her spot her "great regulars" while they are still in the parking lot.

"I like to have their coffee ready for them when they walk through the doors," she said.

And she does.

"A lot of my customers I have known since I worked at the old Dunkin' across the street that they just tore down," she said.

If you are not receiving that level of service where you get your morning coffee, perhaps you need to go to the Fairhaven Dunkin' and become one of Jen's "great regulars."

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